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Lyocell/ TENCEL™

one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics. Our NUIT Essentials – Nightdress is made out of certified tencel. 

Tencel is a brand name. Lenzing Tencel, (produced by Austrian company Lenzing) is made from eucalyptus wood that is harvested from natural forests and sustainably managed tree farms. Eucalyptus trees are fast growing, and require no toxic pesticides and very little water to thrive. Lenzing is very committed to the ethical sourcing of their wood and fabrics comes with forest certification for their pulp production.


Although chemicals are being used, they are not environmentally sensitive and they do not end up in nature due to Lenzing’s innovative closed loop production process. This means that more than 99% of the solvents used within the process are recycled and continuously reused which makes the Lenzing fibre production eco-friendly.


As a textile, Tencel feels amazing. It is as soft as silk and as strong as polyester, with antibacterial properties and a cooling effect on your skin. Compared to other fabrics it has the highest rates of absorption of moisture. Benefits: It is delicate for the skin, ideal for sensitive skin. Soft, breathable and comfortable. It’s naturally antibacterial and it doesn’t have any harmful chemicals. It’s like a second skin. Ideal for nightwear and homewear.

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